Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What on earth...?

After leaving office life and the world of PR at the start of 2008, I've left London for six months to be the chef at a boutique hotel in the tiny hamlet of Raynaudes, set in a beautiful and sleepy corner of southwest France. With the owners, Peter and Orlando, for company (plus a stream of loyal, enthusiastic guests, a healthy menagerie of friendly neighbours and their animals) and acres of wild, lovely countryside, it's going to be an immersion into French cuisine and an escape from city life. I have amazing produce at my fingertips and a kitchen garden that is a chef's paradise. It's quite a steep learning curve, but I feel so lucky to be here that I have to pinch myself regularly...


  1. Thought it appropriate that your mother should be your first blogger!! I think the email to everyone can't have got through. x

  2. Laura (using Jon's account), how amazing, so proud of you, I am so coming to see you and pinch you myself!!

    Freddie xxx