Thursday, 23 April 2009

Here comes summer

Summer has arrived - and so has a colony of wasps.  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.  Cue Peter pulling out the big guns and spraying the little sods into oblivion...

With no guests in the hotel or for dinner tonight, today has turned into a pre-season blitz of the garden, courtyard and pool.  While Peter was exterminating insects, Orlando has been digging in the herb garden and - as I write - is in the courtyard, pulling the pansies out of the wooden tubs to replace them with white geraniums.

And me?  After a few hours experimenting in the kitchen with new ideas for starters, I have become the Manoir's pool girl.  The water is still on the chilly side (make that near-glacial), but I cannot wait to get in, so have been putting the little robot pool cleaner to work (is it me, or does it look like it was made by Fisher Price?) and scrubbing the bottom and sides of the pool.  Who knew that many bugs could fit in one swimming pool?  Anyway, the plan tomorrow is to actually get in there myself to access those hard-to-reach corners.  So, please think of me, freezing in my bikini and goggles, scrubbing brush in hand as I make my way around the pool, beautifying it in anticipation of your visits...

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